Sensing of substancial Natural Abtract
through the living lifestyle

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Flagship Store: River City Bangkok 1st Floor Room No.187


Since 2012, Whitewall art studio has been designing and distributing bronze/brass sculptures. Each original piece is unique and made with specialist knowledge to guarantee the best value and premium quality.

Whitewall is proud to present its inaugural look as a family-owned business located in Bangkok, with their artwork able to connect people all over the world. Throughout the whole process, the artist's aim is to offer art interpretations that maximize the value of sculptures. Nature is a source of evolving inspiration for Whitewall's sculptures and many pieces incorporate studies of natural forms along with new experimental aspects. If you love sculptures, we encourage you to browse our showcase of original pieces by Whitewall's artist. Our goal is that our sculptures will be more than decorative items but can represent the uniqueness of the individual. We love the things we make with a passion, this is the way we serve our customers.